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Tops Engineering is proud to introduce its new Topliff MPA™ - Material and Process Audit. This promises to uncover previously "hidden" waste in your manufacturing process. Through our unique combination of audits and material balances throughout your facility, we can find wastes that other methodologies may miss. For a low, fixed fee, we will come to your location, start the process, and provide a written report on our findings. Response was excellent following our presentation of the Topliff MPA™ during an  Industry Week Webinar in 2012. Contact us for more information.

Tops Engineering represents over 30 years of professional engineering experience providing designs, specifications, construction and installation supervision, and startup and project engineering/management services in food, medical device and related industries, co-generation, continuous and batch chemical processing. In capital projects as large as $4 million our improved steam supply and condensate systems, HVAC upgrades, and bio-gas co-generation (CHP) operations have resulted in consistent positive economic returns for our customers. 

  • Process improvement (optimization, troubleshooting, debottlenecking) for batch and continuous processing
  • Development of in-process testing (gas chromatography, pH)
  • Distillation enhancement (yield and quality increase, cycle time reduction, equipment change/enhancement)
  • Heat transfer analysis
  • Fluid transfer analysis including measurement
  • Energy survey to identify sources of waste through leakage or inefficiencies
  • Equipment maintenance improvement
  • Instrument calibration setup
  • Chemical corrosion investigation and resolution
  • NPA code review and recommendation
  • Process reaction investigation, improvement
  • Extraction improvement (solid-liquid & liquid-liquid)
  • Installation, operation, and process qualifications (medical device, pharmaceutical, & other)
  • Designed experiments to speed process testing
  • Process data analysis utilizing statistical methods
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